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As with the moon and its far side, to deny our darkness would be to deny that which makes us whole. Veytik—a veteran combat engineer turned audio engineer, producer, and DJ—embraces this duality through his music. His ever-evolving sound adjusts its focus across a spectrum of moods that both shape and are shaped by his very essence.

As a producer for 10 years, the Art Vibes label boss has multiplied projects and relentlessly run the deep house circuit, connecting with others on the path of music as therapy. The resulting listen is often haunting and thought-provoking, resonating with a depth and pain that Veytik has come to seek safety in, not from.

Veytik’s style continuously evolves alongside his own growth and his response to world events. Featured on a variety of labels—Closing Sounds, Click Records, Souq Records, Shango Records, Re: Sound Music, and his imprint, Art Vibes—it wavers between eclectic influences, from ‘80s disco and synth-infused horror soundtracks, to the heyday of ecstatic trance music and more recent deep, melodic, and organic house sounds.

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New York, United States of America


DJ, Producer


80s, 90s, Commercial, Covers, Deep House, Downtempo, EDM, House, Melodic, Multi Genre, Open Format, Original, Pop, PsyTrance, Tech, Tech House, Techno

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Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition




  • Tech Rider
  • Sound System